Boston Celtics Rookie Fab Melo Called Up After Door-Related Concussion

That’s just a-door-able.

Fab Melo continues to tear it up for the D-League’s Maine Red Claws, but he’s having very little success with doors. As WEEI reports, Melo had some issues getting through a doorway without receiving a concussion. One of the bright, up-and-coming stars for the Boston Celtics just concussed himself by running into a a fairly visible object:

“A strange and frustrating start to the season got a little more bizarre on Wednesday when Celtics rookie Fab Melo was brought to Boston to get examined for a concussion he says was the result of running into a hotel door while playing for the D-League Maine Red Claws.”

With just that one report, a flood of questions come storming to the forefront, demanding to be answered.

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