Now There’s a Bacon Cheeseburger With a Shot of Bourbon in the Middle Of It

It’s really everything you need in life.

Somewhere in Sydney, Australia, a demented genius of a chef realized that the only thing better than drinking bourbon with a bacon cheeseburger might be sticking a shot of bourbon in the middle of a bacon cheeseburger.

Thus, the Chicken and Sons “Bourbon Burgel” was born.

This beautifully boozy beast is comprised of an angus beef patty, cheese, pickles, special sauce, bourbon-glazed bacon, jalapeño peppers and a house bourbon barbecue sauce, all jammed between a sesame seed bagel. It’s served with a shot of bourbon crammed right in the bagel-whole, with even more bourbon glazed bacon inside of it, along with a side of beer battered fries, of course.

It’s gonna run you $22, but it’s bound to be the best bourbon-shot burger that you’ll ever have the pleasure of gorging yourself on. Just remember not to eat the shot glass.