Boxing’s Greatest Tomato Cans

They came. They saw. They got conquered.

10. Randall “Tex” Cobb
Alternate nickname: “Ground Beef”
Tomato Can Moment: Literally had his face beaten in for 15 brutal rounds by then-champ Larry Holmes in 1982 in Houston. The beating was so gruesome that Howard Cosell, who called the fight, vowed never to cover another boxing match. A man of his word, Cosell also vowed to show up plastered to a Monday Night Football broadcast and leave after the first half.

9. Lou Savarese
Nickname: None.
Tomato Can Moment: Big Lou got KOed by Mike Tyson in a mere 38 seconds in Scotland in 2000. Which warrants about this much text.

8. Andrew “the Polish Wonder” Golota
Alternate nickname: “The Foul Pole,” which he earned for throwing so many low blows in his two fights with Riddick Bowe that he was disqualified. (Yes, both times.)
Tomato Can Moment: Golota was KOed by Lennox Lewis in the first round in 1997. After the fight, the folks in Golota’s camp said that Golota had suffered a “panic attack” in the ring. Translation: He crap his trunks.
Bonus Tomato Can Moment! He left the ring after the second round in his bout with Mike Tyson in 2000. He wasn’t knocked out or anything, he just left. You know, head back to his dressing room to fix a sandwich, maybe.

7. Clifford Etienne
Nickname: “The Black Rhino”
Tomato Can Moment: Like Lou Savarese, he padded Mike Tyson’s record (and ego) by letting the just-released convict knock him out. The Black Rhino barely got off any punches before Tyson tapped his chin 49 seconds into Round 1 of their 2003 bout. Looking shockingly coherent, he just decided to lie on the floor of the ring for a 10-count while apparently daydreaming about all the ways he was going to spend his paycheck for the night.

6. Eric “Butterbean” Esch
Alternate Nickname: “King of the Four-Rounders”
Tomato Can Moment: He fought Johnny Knoxville in a department store in Jackass: The Movie.