Brain-Freeze Alert: Yuengling’s Ice Cream Is Back!

Hand us a spoon! And…a glass, we guess?

As people who only have three standard ways of dealing with our problems – drinking till we black out; eating ice cream till we black out; and running headfirst into walls till we black out – the news that beer-makers Yuengling are bringing back their branded ice cream made us so happy that we ran headfirst into a wall. On the one hand, of course, reintroducing a brand of ice cream during one of the most bitterly cold winters this country has ever seen is pretty much the worst timing ever. On the other hand, ice cream is delicious, and beer is delicious, so, screw the weather. Yuengling, the oldest brewery in the United States, originally began producing ice cream during Prohibition, but stopped nearly 30 years ago. While it’s not the actual brewery producing the goods this time around – because we can all agree that making beer is a more worthwhile use of their time – it is at least in good hands, with David Yuengling, cousin of brewery owner Dick, taking the (presumably kinda sticky) reins.

The bad news is, we’re not getting beer-flavored ice cream from Yuengling any time soon, as they’re concentrating on more traditional flavors like vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and root beer float. Whether this is because they’re still perfecting their craft, or because they just hate us and want to make us all sad is still unclear. But don’t worry – if you hanker for more exotic, manly flavors, we’ve already listed the places you can get beer, bacon, chili, and even weed ice creams, so that should tide you over until Yuengling come to their senses.