Breaking All the (BBQ-ing) Rules

Become the master of your outdoor domain.

Presented by Weber Grills

Memorial Day is almost upon us, which means it’s time to start the season of rooftop parties and backyard shindigs. BBQ-ing has been an American tradition for years, and if you’re feeling like you want to mix it up and try something different, you’re certainly not alone. With these tips, you’ll be one step closer to taking home the title of both the modern grill master and the ultimate host. 

Liquid Lunch

The best companion while you’re grilling is a cold brew or frosted cocktail, so to start your BBQ off the right away, leave the food in the kitchen and concoct some unforgettable beverages (made from straight-off-the-grill components) for your friends. These easy recipes will keep your guests coming back for refills.

Pop of Color 

We think a man’s backyard is an extension of his lifestyle. And with the grill at the center of the show, Weber® Q® is helping you change the game with the option of personalization. Now that you can choose from six exciting, new colors and choose the best grill to fit in with all of your other equipment, you have the opportunity to bring your outdoor game to the next level.  

Outside the Lines 

To catch everyone’s eye, you have to do the unexpected; in the world of grilling, this means taking it beyond meat and vegetables and taking a delicious risk. From watermelons and peaches to avocados and pizza, there are a plethora of foods that aren’t the obvious choice. But if you grill it, they will come. 

Weber® Q® shows how to grill the unexpected. We give you permission to steal this idea and try it at your next BBQ. Let us know how your friends take it.