"Breaking Bad" Fans Hold Fake Funeral For Walter White

Pay your final tribute to the one who knocks.
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If you're still mourning the end of Breaking Bad and Walter "Say My Name" White, there's now a place to pay your respects: in Albuquerque's Sunset Memorial Park, where a tombstone marks the gravesite of the world's most beloved drug kingpin.

On Friday, a group of diehard Breaking Bad fans held a fake funeral for Mr. White, which included a procession led by their meth-kitchen RV, a eulogy delivered by the show's set designer Michael Flowers, and a reception at a local steakhouse. There was also a legit gravesite and tombstone etched with Walter White's name and the epithet "Beloved Husband, Father, Teacher & Entrepreneur." (They forgot to add "The One Who Knocks.")

Tickets were $20, which included entrance to the funeral, two silicone bracelets imprinted with Walter White's name, and a handful of dirt to help "bury" the deceased. Big spenders could throw in $1800 extra to also get their name or company etched onto the tombstone, because advertising your business on the controversial tombstone of a fictional dead drug overload is a great marketing strategy.