“Breaking Bad” Fans Hold Fake Funeral For Walter White

Pay your final tribute to the one who knocks.

If you’re still mourning the end of Breaking Bad and Walter “Say My Name” White, there’s now a place to pay your respects: in Albuquerque’s Sunset Memorial Park, where a tombstone marks the gravesite of the world’s most beloved drug kingpin.

On Friday, a group of diehard Breaking Bad fans held a fake funeral for Mr. White, which included a procession led by their meth-kitchen RV, a eulogy delivered by the show’s set designer Michael Flowers, and a reception at a local steakhouse. There was also a legit gravesite and tombstone etched with Walter White’s name and the epithet “Beloved Husband, Father, Teacher & Entrepreneur.” (They forgot to add “The One Who Knocks.”)

Tickets were $20, which included entrance to the funeral, two silicone bracelets imprinted with Walter White’s name, and a handful of dirt to help “bury” the deceased. Big spenders could throw in $1800 extra to also get their name or company etched onto the tombstone, because advertising your business on the controversial tombstone of a fictional dead drug overload is a great marketing strategy.