“Breaking Bad” Gets A Spin-Off & A Jimmy Fallon Parody

A parody starring Bryan Cranston, Bob Odenkirk, and Aaron Paul, no less.

Last night on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon rolled out his latest sure-to-go-viral clip, a 13-minute parody of Breaking Bad called “Joking Bad,” starring Fallon in the Walter White-role and Steve Higgins as Jesse Pinkman, who seemingly can’t finish a sentence without saying the word “bitch.” The joke is that instead of cooking up high-grade meth, the pair are cooking up high-grade comedy. For example: “Anthony Wiener + One Direction = One Erection.” Rim shot! Featuring cameos from Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Bob Odenkirk, and a hilarious turn by Jay Leno, it should help satisfy fans dreading the the show’s impending conclusion on September 29.

And for those of you who just can’t imagine a world where you can no longer get your Breaking Bad fix, fear not. Yesterday, Sony Pictures and AMC confirmed the long-rumoredspinoff, Better Call Saul, starring Odenkirk as the titular lawyer, Saul Goodman. And don’t worry, this shouldn’t be seen as a spoiler, telegraphing that Saul makes out of the series alive. The new show will be a prequel. In the meantime, there’s still a few more weeks before Breaking Bad ends for good. Bitch.