The Team Behind ‘Breaking Bad’ Is Making an HBO Show about The Jonestown Massacre

Walter White, meet Jim Jones.

Vince Gilligan
Michelle MacLaren, Vince Gilligan, and a couple of Emmys..(Getty)

Vince Gilligan, the twisted genius behind the meth-fueled megahit Breaking Bad, is teaming back up with Michelle MacLaren, one of the show’s producers, to create an HBO mini-series about notorious cult leader Jim Jones and the deadly Jonestown Massacre.

The series, which will be called Raven, is based on the nonfiction book Raven: The Untold Story of Jim Jones and His People by Tim Reiterman, a journalist who survived the events in Guyana. 

It will follow the formation of Jones’s infamous doomsday cult, known as the Peoples Temple, culminating in the Jonestown Massacre in 1978, when all of its over 700 members died of cyanide poisoning in a mass suicide.

Gilligan clearly has experience writing for a twisted sociopath who chooses a dark-as-hell path, so we’re pretty confident we’ll be glued to HBO Go the second Raven premieres. 

And hey, Bryan Cranston might make a pretty kick-ass Jim Jones.