Vince Gilligan and Aaron Paul Would Both Be Open to a Jesse Pinkman ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff

But that doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen.


Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and star Aaron Paul have been mercilessly teasing us about the possibility of a Jesse Pinkman Breaking Bad spinoff and now we can’t think about anything else.

But the operative word is “teasing.” Paul appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night and apologized for his sadistic, heartless prank of telling people a spinoff was actually happening.

“People kept asking me ‘When is season six of Breaking Bad coming out?’ and that hoax kept resurfacing throughout the years,” Paul said on Kimmel. “I decided to pull a prank, which is terrible, on Periscope saying ‘Hey everybody, Vince Gilligan left it up to me to let you guys know that there is going to be a spin-off.'” 

Paul said he quickly explained that he wasn’t serious, but by then it was too late — the news had gone viral. “I felt like an asshole,” he said.

But he’s an asshole in good company. Vince Gilligan also said he’s be on board with a Pinkman spinoff. Theoretically.

“Why Saul and not another character like Jesse Pinkman and why not Gustavo Fring?” he told Radio Times. “I could absolutely see a series about all these characters.” But not so fast. He quickly added:

“I have a hard time picturing us actually doing that, not because the characters couldn’t carry their own shows, they absolutely could in my opinion. Just because at a certain point, I fear it would begin to smack of…we’re chewing our cud twice, we’re going to the well a bit too much.

“I guess the short answer is never say never but I don’t think we are spending a lot of time thinking about additional spin-offs because I think we want to get through this show, we want to make it as good as we can and we want to maintain its integrity from start to finish. We don’t want our reach to exceed our grasp.”

Ok, then stop getting all of our hopes up. 

h/t The Independent