This Breaking Bad x Pulp Fiction Supercut Will Make Your Day

How did we not notice all the similarities before?

So! It turns out Breaking Bad was pretty much a homagePulp Fiction. But none of us mouth-breathing so-called entertainment writers realized quite how much until a genius by the name of Jorge Luengo created a supercut of all the scenes inBreaking Bad that reference Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece.

And there’s quite a lot! Some are bit generic — like characters sitting at a window booth in a diner, think we’ve seen that a few times elsewhere — but in other cases the influence is crystal clear. Like in shots of Jesse Pinkman cooking and injecting heroin — not at all unlike John Travolta’s Vincent Vega did. Vincent also had a habit of reading on the toilet (which was always a harbinger of bad news), very much like Hank Schrader did in a pivotal Breaking Bad scene, which was very bad news for Walter White, but ultimately worse news for Uncle Hank.

But the top contender for How The Fuck Did We Not Put This Together Before is in the side-by-side comparison of Krysten Ritter’s Jane and Uma Thurman’s Mia. They have exactly the same hair, hold their cigarettes exactly the same way, and have very similar overdose scenes (though with different outcomes).

Luengo’s creation it also raises some new, burning questions, like: What if Uma Thurman did not have a jet-black pageboy cut in Pulp Fiction? Would Krysten Ritter have been cast in Breaking Bad? And if not, would she have still been hired for Jessica Jones on Netflix? Would Jessica Jones on Netflix even exist? Ah, the domino game of life.

h/t Esquire