Breaking: Cristiano Ronaldo is Still Really Good at Soccer

The Real Madrid sniper adds another spectacular goal to his resume.

Yawn. In yesterday’s Real Madrid match against Valencia, Cristiano Ronaldo did what he is wont to do – score a completely outrageous and much-needed goal in the waning minutes of the game. It’s not Ronaldo’s first golazo; in fact it’s not even his hundredth. Out of his 224 career goals, it feels like at least every other one is spectacular. In this case, the goal locked up a point while keeping Real’s (albeit slim) title hopes alive.

The ball was crossed towards Ronaldo in the 92nd minute (which if you’re Valencia, is the last place you want it to be crossed), and the Portuguese National stepped in front of his defender to expertly and acrobatically guide the ball into the back of the net with his heel.

After a 12-year career of doing this, it’s not even that shocking anymore. Ronaldo will probably start scoring goals with his mind next and no one will think twice about it.