BREAKING: Kansas City Chief Brandon Flowers Not Rock Star Brandon Flowers

And he gets hilariously furious about it.

And he gets hilariously furious about it.

(Photos: Wesley Hitt/Stuart Wilson / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012)

Brandon Lavar Flowers is a second round pick out of Virginia Tech, currently playing cornerback for the Kansas City Chiefs. Brandon Richard Flowers is the Las Vegan frontman of heartland rock band The Killers. While the two don’t have much in common besides their names (unless The Killers won an AFC West division title two years ago that no one told us about), they’re apparently very commonly confused. So often, in fact, that Brandon Lavar Flowers posted this gem on Twitter yesterday afternoon.

Good thing Flowers isn’t wasting his time and energy on something like this when the Chiefs are playing the Steelers on Monday Night Football. Oh, shit. Sorry, Kansas City.

At least he was considerate enough to hashtag the Killers’ name for easy searching.

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