Watch Bryan Cranston Hunt Down Pablo Escobar in ‘The Infiltrator’ Trailer

Walter White returns to the drug underworld in this true-life crime flick.

Brian Cranston’s next role will take him back to the drug trade he ruled as Walter White on Breaking Bad, but this time he’s one of the good guys. 

Based on the true story of undercover DEA agent Bob Mazur, The Infiltrator takes us inside Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar‘s  legendary ’80s cocaine cartel. Mazur and his colleagues — played by Diane Kruger and John Leguizamo — try to break into Escobar’s world without blowing their cover, which gets harder and harder the closer they get to the murderous crime kingpin.

Spoiler alert: Mazur’s operation was successful — his work led to the indictments of 85 drug lords and the demise of a bank that was laundering the dirty drug money. But every step of the way he risked his own life. 

The Infiltrator opens July 13.