A British Man Was Jailed for Placing Prank Calls Claiming to Be Nicki Minaj

“Hello, is your refrigerator running? That’s cool, I’m Nicki Minaj.” 

If you happen to find yourself starved for attention, one really great (and by great, we mean hilarious) way to go about getting it is to prank call emergency service numbers for random reasons, claiming to be Nicki Minaj. Please don’t really do this, unless you want to land yourself in prison for four months like 24 year-old British man Stephen Brown.

Earlier this year Mr. Brown fell into the habit of calling emergency numbers with bogus emergencies like “I was attacked” or “I have a full on poltergeist in my house” and then being like “P.S. I’m Nicki Minaj. LOL.”

While  in court appealing a charge against him claiming he breached the Anti-Social Behavior Order (seems fitting) the judge ordered the four month sentence for his phone pranks calling him “a nuisance.” 

Mr. Brown is banned from making any more emergency calls unless there really is an emergency. But wait, what if Nicki Minaj travels to Britain, checks into her hotel and is like “there are literal ghosts in here,” and has to call 999? Hopefully Mr. Brown won’t get blamed for it. 

Photos by Al Pereira/WireImage