Britney Spears Puts On Private Show in Sultry New Instagram Video

She’s still got it.

Britney’s back (again)–this time courtesy of a sexy new Instagram video.

The formerly pig-tailed schoolgirl of our ’90s dreams just dropped a steamy clip on Instagram, and it’s shrouded in plenty of mysterious sex appeal. 

The blonde bombshell struts down a dark corridor in a barely-there black lingerie, only to pause for a second to flip a switch in a way that probably has millions of fans scratching their heads. Watch it here:

What’s the switch do? What’s the accompanying #PrivateShow hashtag signify – a new song? A secret code for her next concert?

What we do know is that Britney looks pretty lonely performing to an audience of zero. But if she wants some company…well, you know where to find us.