Watch: ‘Broad City’ Season 3 Trailer Has Blake Griffin, Tony Danza and Hannibal Buress

And Abbi and Ilana wreaking havoc, of course.

The trailer for Season 3 of Broad City is finally here, just a week before the season premiere on February 17. Abbi and Ilana are wreaking havoc wherever they go, and they are joined by an impressive set of guest stars, including Tony Danza, Cynthia Nixon and Blake Griffin. Hillary Clinton is also expected to make a cameo, but she doesn’t appear in the trailer.

Thankfully, Hannibal Buress is back as Lincoln, and in a brief clip of a scene with Ilana it seems like his self-absorbed FWB has made some assumptions about him that aren’t true. (I mean, has she EVER asked him a question?) Anyway, the trailer also shows the girls preparing to go on some kind of trip together, so it looks like Broad City might not be in New York City for the whole season — a first for the show. We’ll follow these broads anywhere!

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