Brock Lesnar’s Giant Hands Are Bigger Than Any UFC Gloves Available

The UFC 200 bruiser has got some ridiculously massive mitts.

Back in 2011, when Brock Lesnar last fought in the UFC, the 6’3″, 265-pound man beast wore a size XXXXL glove—the biggest worn by anyone in the UFC. Somehow, in the past five years, his hands have gotten even bigger. 

On the latest episode of UFC Embedded, Lesnar is shown trying on a pair of XXXXL gloves. They’ll barely squeeze over his massive meat mitts. 

“When you tape my hands, I don’t know if you’ll get the glove on,” he says. “I won’t be able to close my hand. Do you have a 5X?”

The answer is no. There is no 5X gloves because no normal human being would need a 5X glove. But Lesnar is no normal human being. Half man, half refrigerator, his hands are like two Thanksgiving turkeys. 

Still, the equipment dude fitting Lesnar ensures him that he’ll “make it work” in time for Saturday’s UFC 200 fight against Mark Hunt.

In other Lesnar news, the UFC-fighter/slash/WWE superstar will reportedly dip his toes back into wrestling at SummerSlam in August. His opponent will be announced at this week’s Smackdown and one source is already reporting a name. According to PW Insider, Lesnar will face Randy Orton in Brooklyn. 

Luckily for Lesnar, there’s no gloves in the WWE.