Brock Lesnar Has Failed a Second Drug Test, Putting His UFC Future in Doubt

The 39-year-old may never return to the Octagon again.

Last week, Brock Lesnar was flagged for a failed out-of-competition drug test administrated 12 days before his UFC 200 fight with Mark Hunt. Now the UFC has announced that he failed his in-competition drug test on the day of the fight too. Both times Lesnar was popped for the same drug. 

According to one report, the drug was clomiphene, the same estrogen blocker that Jon Jones tested positive for prior to UFC 200, resulting in the cancellation of his fight with Daniel Cormier. Like Jones, Lesnar could have been taking clomiphene to counter the effects of anabolic steroids

The WWE superstar could now have his UFC 200 win overturned, with the victory going to Hunt. It’s possible that this could also spell the end of Lesnar’s UFC career. It was already unclear if the 39-year-old would wanted to fight in the UFC again. Now, assuming all the appeals and reviews reveal that tests were correct, it’s unclear if the promotion would even want him back.

Say Lesnar is suspended for two years. That would make him 41 when he’s eligible to return. While that’s by no means too old in the heavyweight division—Hunt is 42—it’s old enough to keep a man with as much money as Lesnar out of the cage. 

At this point, some poeple are wondering if he’ll ever wrestle again. Lesnar was drafted by Raw in Tuesday night’s WWE draft, but the WWE could still suspend him for his positive tests. A first-time violator of the WWE’s “wellness policy” is suspended for 30 days. 

That would allow him to return in time for SummerSlam, where he’s scheduled to perform. But the WWE could also suspend him for more time or cancel his SummerSlam fight with Randy Orton if they think his positive tests are bad for business. Some think the WWE will do just that.

After all, it’s hard to market Lesnar as a freak of nature—a “jacked white boy” as he likes to call himself—when there’s proof that he’s getting artificial help. 

If Lesnar finds himself on the outs with both the UFC and WWE, his fighting career might not be completely over though. After all, there’s always Bellator.