Broken Lizard Announced the Title of ‘Super Troopers 3’ at Comic-Con and It’s Perfect

Meow that’s what you call hilarious.

Super Troopers Exclusive Promo

Let’s be up front about this: This is Broken Lizard and they seem like the kind of guys who enjoy messing with their audience. So it might be a joke.

But while speaking at San Diego Comic-Con this week, Jay Chandrasekhar answered a question about the title of a third movie. “We are writing Super Troopers 3: Winter Soldiers right now,” he said. 


Of course the audience wanted to be sure Chandrasekhar wasn’t kidding and asked a follow-up to see if he was serious. He was nonchalant. “Yeah.”

Comic-Con has been a significant event for Broken Lizard. In 2006 that was where they announced a sequel to their original cult hit was happening, but then it didn’t happen. That led to a crowd-funding effort to make Super Troopers 2 and that was crazy successful, netting almost $5 million in funding. 

Broken Lizard’s fortunes really took off after the second Troopers film debuted on 4/20/18—it saw $30 million in domestic ticket sales.

Here’s why fans should hedge their bets on the title of the third movie. At the panel where Chandrasekhar announced the title, discussion eventually led to a debate in which one member of the troupe said calling the movie Winter Soldiers was pretty “ballsy” because it might not be set in the winter. To which cast member Steve Lemme replied, “That’s the compromise: we’ll call it Winter Soldiers but shoot it in the summer.” 

Hey whatever works. At least this time no one will need to launch an Indiegogo campaign.

Damn. Now we have a craving for maple syrup.