Brotherhood Star Jon Foster

The star of college fraternity comedy Brotherhood explains why this DVD – out May 17th – will bring back some (blurry) memories.

The star of college fraternity comedy Brotherhood explains why this DVD – out May 17th – will bring back some (blurry) memories.

He plays a convincing asshole.

“Whenever the cast does a Q&A and I’m introduced everyone starts booing. I get a good kick out of that only cause it makes you feel like you did your job right. I was actually already really good friends with the guys who play the pledges so it was tricky walking on set and treating them completely different. Before filming started, though we did two nights of actual hazing with the actors, which helped establish a pecking order and gave us that pack mentality that helped the rest of the movie.”

You’ll re-live your college days, for better or worse.

“All the stuff you see in the movie comes from stories that we were told by buddies who went to college. I understand the ideology of it but some of the stuff I heard was so bad I can’t even repeat it. At one of our screenings this guy in his late sixties stood up and said, ‘Your film brought back so many memories of being in a fraternity. Even the rodeo scene, that happened,’ and his wife kind of shot a look at him and he sat down. It was kind of like, ‘uhh, that’s one you should keep to yourself!’

There’s non-stop action.

“Will Canon, the director, was really on top of us about constantly keeping the energy up, to the point where half the time we thought he might be crazy. The cast was like, ‘doesn’t there need to be a moment where things calm down?’ and Will would say, ‘nope, just drive through it.’ But honestly when you take twelve dudes and stick ‘em in a house in Texas in the middle of August with AC, that kind of intensity will happen naturally.”

It’s a modern day Brat Pack movie.

“I wish I could say there are a ton of hot chicks in this film but there really aren’t! I think this is a movie that’s gonna get guys amped. I mean when I walk out of this film I want to put my rage face on and go out on the town. It’s also just a realistic depiction of what’s going on in the Greek System, not some rom-com. I would definitely say it’s a bro movie but all the guys are so angry at each other!”

You can turn it into a drinking game.

“We say ‘fuck’ so much that I feel like people are gonna start drinking a shot of beer every time we say. When we counted I think it was like 238 times so let’s just hope nobody dies!”