The Browns New Logo Is a Bold Solution to the One Problem the Browns Didn’t Have

As bold as drafting Johnny Manziel to be your quarterback. 

The Cleveland Browns might well follow-up their sterling draft choice of Johnny Manziel with fellow embattled-collegiate quarterback Jameis Winston. But hey, at least the circus that is the Browns will have some pretty cool looking new helmets! 

The Browns released a new version of their logo today and it features a brighter shade of orange that reflects “today’s modern Cleveland.” Coolest of all however, is that their new face masks will be brown as well, making for some pretty fierce looking players. There’s got to be some sort of advantage to playing on the laughingstock of the NFL, and a sick new uniform might be it.

In addition to the helmet and logo, the Browns will be releasing a brand new uniform in April, one that the team president promises will be a “more radical change” than the logo. Still, this is a very good start. Can’t wait to watch the team lose on a freak play at the last second while sporting these snazzy new colors.