Watch Bruce Campbell Maim Everything With His Chainsaw Hand In This Hilarious Video

The “Evil Dead” icon joins forces with Funny or Die for this bloody good clip.

If you’re a fan of director Sam Raimi’s beloved Evil Dead horror franchise, there’s a good chance you recognize Bruce Campbell from his iconic role as protagonist/zombie slayer Ash Williams, which he reprised in the Starz spinoff Ash Vs Evil Dead. 

But in this hilariously bloody Funny Or Die clip, we get to witness a mash-up of the actor and his chainsaw-wielding character, and he is an absolute disaster. Watch as he insists on using his lethal appendage to do everything, which unsurprisingly results in the mutilation of a coffee barista, a puppy, a guitar, and even a poor guy trying to get his buzz on in a smoke circle. 

Looks like that chainsaw hand isn’t really that handy after all. 

H/T Nerdist