Today Is the 40th Anniversary of Born to Run

Paying tribute to one of the greatest rock and roll albums of all time. 

Bruce Springsteen’s beloved album, Born to Run, was released exactly 40 years ago today. At 65, Springsteen is sealed in amber as being the curly headed, randomly gasoline stained, tight jeans-wearing Jersey native who worked his way into everyone’s hearts with his pickup truck and parking lot anthems. 

The title track of the album, which took over six months to record due to Springsteen being heavily influenced by Phil Spector’s “wall of sound” perfectionism, is just as good today as it was then. And that’s not an easy feat. Have you tried listening to “Jive Talkin” lately? 

In an interview with Newsweek that ran today, Springsteen says that his interests at 65 are no different than they were at 26 when he recorded this album and cemented his name as an icon. “I’m a person — people tend to forget that kind of thing,” he says. “I got a rock ‘n’ roll band I think is one of the best ones. I write about things I believe that are still fun for me. I love drivin’ around in my car when I’m 26 and I’ll still love drivin’ around in my car when I’m 36. Those aren’t irrelevant feelings for me.” The term “icon” feels unsettling to him, and he insists he feels just an average guy walking down the street in anytown USA. And that’s part of his appeal.

Humble and likeable at all times (that we know of) Springsteen is likely enjoying today’s anniversary. His Twitter account asks the question: “Who else is listening to #BornToRun on repeat today?” Safe to say that a whole lot of people are. Let’s do it together now. 

Photos by Terry O’Neill / Getty Images