Bruce Willis Just Announced There’s an Official Script for ‘Die Hard 6’

Yippee-ki-yay, motherf**ker!


Bruce Willis was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his upcoming Death Wish remake, directed by Eli Roth.

But no one gave a shit about that movie after Willis announced what everyone was really waiting to hear: that there will indeed be a sixth Die Hard movie, and that a script has already been completed.

Fallon broached the subject by mentioning it is the 30th anniversary of the very first Die Hard movie and that it was just added to the National Film Registry. Then, he asked if there would be a sixth.

“I’m about to wing out to California to see what the script looks like,” Willis said with a furrowed brow. “So yeah, I think so.”

Now, if only he would settle whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie

h/t BroBible