Bruce Willis Is on a ‘John Wick’-Style Mission in New Trailer for ‘Once Upon a Time in Venice’

John Goodman makes a killer cameo, too…

Bruce Willis in Once Upon a Time in Venice
Voltage Pictures

Comparing Bruce Willis’s upcoming action flick Once Upon a Time in Venice to John Wick makes sense—the badass central character loses his dog and he will go to war over it. 

Watching the trailer, however, also brings to mind Key & Peele‘s not-so-successful but damn funny Keanu, which got its title from the kitten central to the plot—and the kitten was named after Wick star Keanu Reeves

Venice is the story of LA private detective Steve Ford (Willis) whose dog is stolen by a drug dealer named Spider (Momoa), who might give the dog back if he can recover some stolen drugs. That’s when shit gets real, because this is a Bruce Willis movie, after all. 

Hey, we’ll get Willis, John Goodman, and everyone else breaking arms and shooting and it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Once Upon a Time in Venice hits theaters on June 16. 


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