The 10 Most Brutal Weapons from the Intense Shooter ‘Destiny’

Arm thyself.

Destiny has remained a phenomenon for gamers for so long because of huge expansions that keep the game fresh… and the fans loaded with plenty to do. The latest expansion, Rise of Iron, is a huge injection of new purpose into the game, and with new purpose comes new loot. As you prepare your guardian for the new Wrath of the Machine raid, keep an eye out for these new weapons, the creme-de-la-creme of the new arsenal in Destiny’s Rise of Iron. 

10. Quantiplasm

A new shotgun is always worth our attention. There’s no question about hanging on to our old, exotic Invective shotty—it’s the shotgun version of Icebreaker, after all—but we’ll gladly make room in our inventory for a new addition like Quantiplasm, and the way it buffs our agility and armor.

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9. Khvostov 7G-0X

You’ll definitely be grinding through the quests that earn you the vaguely Russian-sounding auto rifle, but once you get your Khvostov and fully level it, you’ll be burning up 900 rounds per minutes with it. (You’ll probably want to stock up on ammo too.)

8. Steel Medulla

A pulse rifle is essential in Destiny, whether you’re running a nightfall or a raid. A pulse rifle that doubles as a full auto and dishes extra damage as a reward for high accuracy is aces in our arsenal.

7. Angel’s Advocate

Look, we needed a scout rifle, and this is the best one in Rise of Iron. There really weren’t many to choose. It’s not our fault Bungie hates scout rifles even if we love them.  

6. The Palindrome

At our core, we’re suckers for wordplay. In the Cosmodrome, we’re suckers for any hand cannon that can shear off the faces of enemies with ease. The Palindrome satisfies both of those requirements and, with the right perk-roll and in the right hands, is a nasty companion in Rise of Iron’s toughest spots. 

5. Ex Machina

When Destiny puts the pressure on you, and your fireteam is relying on your sniping abilities, the best safety net you can hope to have is a big magazine and a fast reload. A fully leveled Ex Machina gives you both. It may not be the glitziest of guns in Rise of Iron, but it’s one we’re proud to tote nonetheless.  

4. Exile’s Student

Again, a hand cannon has struck our fancy. Exile’s Student has terrific perks, leaving us wishing we could use all of them instead of choosing just four. Still, a pistol with explosive bullets is a pistol that stays high on our list. 

3. Nemesis Star

As implied, Nemesis Star may be the answer to extinction. At the very least, it’s the best gun you can have when you find yourself with your back against the wall. Faster reload speed and higher rate of fire in dire situations solidifies the Nemesis Star as the only heavy machine gun worth using in RoI. 

2. Trespasser

We’ve never been a fan of sidearms; they take up a slot that’s better occupied by a shotgun or a sniper. Then Bungie goes and gives us the best reason to equip a sidearm yet. Trespasser has all the perks. Just all of them. It’s worth your special weapon slot unless you don’t like having all the best buffs in Rise of Iron. 

1. Iron Gjallarhorn

The legendary rocket launcher is back and has bucked all expectations by continuing to be an amazing addition to your arsenal even after being given the “pre-order giveaway” treatment. It’s almost as if Bungie cares that the community at large needs a supremely powerful heavy weapon to stay interested. We certainly care that its tracking and cluster bombs are a supremely effective way of decimating enemies.