Bryan Cranston Is the Spitting Image of LBJ in HBO’s All the Way

We’d vote for him. 

Bryan Cranston looks like aBreaking Bad-ass president. 

Cranston, best known for playing meth kingpin Walter White in Breaking Bad, has transformed seamlessly from public enemy to leader of the free world. HBO has released  a new image of Cranston suited up the TV movie adaptation of the Lyndon B. Johnson biographical Broadway play All The Way, with the actor looking right at home in the oval office.

The HBO movie is based on Robert Shenkkan’s Tony-award winning 2014 play of the same name, which also earned Cranston a Tony for his role as the 36th U.S. President.

“Physically and emotionally Bryan completely channels LBJ,” All the Way director Jay Roach told People magazine. “We just filmed him and Lady Bird in the Oval Office, after JFK’s assassination. LBJ has arrived as the ‘accidental President.’ He’s almost overwhelmed. In spiritual support, Lady Bird touches his cheek. We melted, like we went back in time and witnessed a private, heart-wrenching moment between these two great people.”

All the Way will air on HBO in 2016.

Photos by Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/HBO