Bubba Watson Makes Golf Awesome With A Hovercraft Cart

Water hazard? I don’t see any water hazard.

Water hazard? I don’t see any water hazard.

Bubba Watson, owner of brilliant pink golf clubs and provider of epic shots around trees, has a hovercraft golf cart. 

Yahoo! Sports spotted this video of Watson hanging out on the course in his very own hovercraft. Apparently, the vehicle is a collaboration between Watson and Oakley in an effort to make something better designed for the intricacies of the golf course. 

As you can see in the video, the BW1 can head across water in an instant and leaves a far less severe footprint than regular carts. Without a doubt, this new mode of transportation between holes is great for the sport—like I care. 

This thing could leave 14-foot divots behind it and I would still want one. How do you expect me to drag myself out of bed for an early tee time and get inside a tired old golf cart now?

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