Bud Light Has a Brand New Look

What do you think of the re-design of America’s best-selling beer?

Bud Light drinkers may be feeling blue after seeing the beer’s most dramatic re-design in years.

Blue dominates the new design of Bud Light cans and bottles beginning in late March. The color red —which had adorned Bud Light since it debuted in 1982, and hinted at a patriotic color scheme for America’s best-selling beer — has been banished entirely. 

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The new-fangled look also features the historic AB brewer’s crest for the first time in 14 years, looming above BUD LIGHT printed in block letters. 

The budget beer behemoth, which is owned by mega suds conglomerate Anheuser-Busch InBev, is also working on a new tagline in time for the Super Bowl, to replace Bud Light’s controversial “Up For Whatever” slogan.

“In 2016, we’ll put a more modern twist on Bud Light, from the way the brand looks to the way it acts,” Bud Light’s vice president of marketing Alexander Lambrecht said in a press release

“We’re proud to introduce our fresh new look, which pays homage to our most iconic packaging of the past, yet feels current and unique with its bolder logo and distinctive blue colorway. It’s a design that truly stands out from what’s become a sea of sameness in the light beer category.”

If millions of Bud Light drinkers truly are “up for whatever”, perhaps they won’t even notice the change.