Budweiser’s Real Men of Genius

They’re the voices behind the world’s greatest ad campaign. Listen as they give us some behind-the-scenes recounts of 10 classic “Real Men of Genius” radio spots. You can listen, too, Mr. Male Football Cheerleader!

Pete Stacker and Dave Bickler are not household names, but you’ve heard their voices a hundred times on Budweiser’s amazing “Real Men of Genius” ad campaign. Whether its Mr. Really, Really, Really Bad Dancer, Mr. Push-Up Bra Inventor, or Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer, you have laughed at these men at some point in your life. Pete Stacker is a Chicago-based voice artist, and Dave Bickler was the lead singer of (we crap you not) Survivor—the band that gave the world “Eye of the Tiger.” They sat down and talked about some of their favorite RMOG spots.

Mr. Foot-Long Hot Dog Inventor
Pete Stacker: The beauty of this one was that it was the first and we were saying one thing but everybody knew what you were implying, which is pretty funny. Once people get that kind of humor, that’s clever. It set up the series perfectly.
Dave Bickler: Yeah, it made me excited about the project. I was like, “Wow. This is actually really good.”

Used Car Lot Salesman
Pete Stacker: I couldn’t get through it… Couldn’t get through it. I had tears rolling out of my eyes.
Dave Bickler: I just could not get through this thing, and even when we’ve done it on stage. I still bust out laughing, especially on that line, “You stand behind every vehicle you sell because if you were in front of it you’d be killed.”

Giant Pocketknife Inventor
Dave Bickler: I was laughing so hard it took me about a hundred takes to get that one. And the funny story about that one is Pete had a pocketknife in his pocket.
Pete Stacker: This one was straight on the money satirically because the knives are out of control.

Mr. Really Bad Toupee Wearer
Pete Stacker: When you see guys with really bad stuff on, it’s like, why won’t their friends tell them? It’s like spinach in your teeth, tell me! You know what I mean?
Dave Bickler: The TV spot was great because the actors were hilarious. “They couldn’t be funnier if they had chin straps,” was one of the all-time great lines.

Silent Killer Gas Passer
Pete Stacker: Everybody’s been on a crowded elevator and turned around to look at the guy who they think it drifted from. There’s this donut effect when everybody collapses away from the perpetrator of said silent killer.
Dave Bickler: It’s funny because it’s a position that everybody has been in, and will be in again in the future.

Mr. Garden Gnome Maker
Pete Stacker: Silly, absolutely silly. The beauty of all of these is that we are giving people an elbow in the ribs—but at the same time it’s in a real good-natured way.
Dave Bickler: Gnome maker was just straight-up silly. It was another one we couldn’t get through.

Mr. Mannequin Dresser Upper
Pete Stacker: This one was a little controversial. It ran once and I guess there were a couple of complaints from ladies about the line that says, “You have the perfect job, you’re around naked women who never speak.”
Dave Bickler: When we do it live, though, the girls are laughing the hardest of anyone wherever we go.

Mr. Pickled Pig’s Feet Eater
Pete Stacker: Just the thought of that revolting pig foot in a jar that someone takes out and eats is funny.
Dave Bickler: It’s disgusting and funny, and funny sounding.

Mr. Exotic Cowboy Boot Wearer
Pete Stacker: This one was written specifically for the West.
Dave Bickler: They really went over well with the fans.

Hair Gel Over-Geller
Pete Stacker: We were in Arizona the other day and saw one of these guys and we both burst out laughing.
Dave Bickler: The best part is that there are over 250 of these spots, so you’re going to see somebody on this list every half hour.

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