Watch This Terrifying Video of a Bull Shark Attack

This guy is lucky to be alive.

Spearfishing comes with a laundry list of hazards, from shallow water blackouts to full-on shark attacks. A terrifying new video posted to YouTube demonstrates the worst case scenario: a bull shark charging at a spearfisher without provocation.

The video was reportedly taken in the North Queensland region of Australia as the fisherman was cruising the edge of a channel at less than one mile per hour. All looks serene until the fisherman turns on his underwater camera, revealing a mammoth shark about to attack.

Just as the shark pries its mouth open, flashing its razor-like teeth, the fisherman deftly positions his spear so it punctures the inside of the shark’s mouth. Had he wasted a second or angled his spear incorrectly, the video would have had a much grislier ending. 

As one YouTube commenter put it, “Bet you’re glad you emptied your load in its mouth.”

h/t Complex