Burger King’s Black-Bunned Halloween Whopper Is Actually Pretty Damn Good

Don’t be spooked by the pitch-black bun—this is a perfectly fine Whopper.

It’s not about the creepy black bun. It’s what’s inside the Halloween Whopper that makes it a treat—not a trick.

Burger King’s mega-hyped new twist on its signature sandwich, available through October 31, has understandably been freaking people out thanks to a ghoulishly black bun studded with sesame seeds. 

But it’s not like the bun is darkened by old grease trap drippings, or gunk from under the Burger King mascot‘s fingernails. It’s been artificially blackened to hammer home the fact that the Halloween Whopper has delicious A-1 Steak Sauce baked into the bread.

A-1 is actually one of my favorite condiments (and is excellent for reviving even the most uninspired burgers, steaks and chops). Unfortunately, you can only taste the faintest hint of the famed meat sauce in the bun, which is otherwise pleasantly chewy and vaguely reminiscent of a potato roll. 

What you’re really struck by is the Whopper’s trademark mouth blast: a square of melted American cheese, pickles, onion, lettuce, a fairly mealy slice of tomato, and a splurt of ketchup and mayonnaise that I’m fairly certain Burger King scientists chemically-enhanced in a lab to make them taste extra good together. Even if it doesn’t look so appealing when you peek under the hood…

The good news? You barely notice the dry, spongy beef patty or the coffin-like bun when you’re busy wolfing down the Halloween Whopper’s juicy jolt of condiments, veggies and cheese. 

There’s reason why people have been devouring Whoppers for decades, even if you don’t always feel so great about it ten minutes later.

And compared to the freakish Japanese Kuro Burger that inspired it—which featured charcoal-colored cheese and squid ink ketchup—the Halloween version really isn’t that scary.

So if you find yourself waiting in line at Burger King sometime in the next month, this weirdly appealing Whopper is certainly worth considering. Just maybe limit yourself to one-per-sitting.