Furious Thunder Fans Are Burning Their Kevin Durant Jerseys

They’re losing their damn minds because he’s heading to the Golden State Warriors.

In sports, things to tend to follow a pattern. So when Kevin Durant announced Monday that he’s leaving the Thunder to play for the Warriors, one could predict what would come next—KD’s jerseys would burn. 

We’ve seen it before, we’ll see it again, and given Durant’s announcement on the most fiery of American holidays, we saw it yesterday like we’ve never seen it before.

Some fans were somber as they destroyed the jersey of a man who they once idolized, their tears a potent fuel for the hungry flames. 

Many found a way to incorporate fireworks into the destruction of their Durant jersey, as the Thunder declared their independence from winning.


One fan even wrote a ballad about it. 

But only these maniacs found a way to both burn Durant’s jersey and issue an implicit assassination threat.