Busta Rhymes Pled Guilty to Throwing a Protein Shake at Someone

The rapper will have to attend court ordered anger management classes. 

Over the summer we were given the semi-comical news that rapper Busta Rhymes was arrested for hurling a bottle of Muscle Milk at an employee of a Steel Gym in NYC. You might be wondering why he did that. Well, apparently the two had been arguing over the course of two days about Busta wanting to bring a cameraman into the gym, and high tensions came to a boil when Busta visited the gym again and  bought a Muscle Milk at the front desk, which led to the guys splashing some water at each other until Busta decided it would be a good idea to throw his beverage at the man’s head. (Stop laughing, his head was bleeding and everything. Those bottles have some rough edges.) 


When asked by NBC News 4for a comment following his arrest, all he had to say was “it’s stupid,” but he probably doesn’t think it’s very stupid now. Early Friday morning, he was charged with harassment in Manhattan Criminal Court for the rampant protein-related violence he inflicted and was given a court order to attend anger management classes. 

The charges against Busta started out as second-degree assault, which is a felony, but the district attorney’s office knocked it down to misdemeanor assault. To even further reduce the charge, he was allowed to plead guilty to harassment, if he agreed to go to anger management. 

Thankfully this odd incident didn’t land Busta in jail because his answer to “what are you in for” would have been really embarrassing.