You Can Now Buy the House Where Bruce Springsteen Wrote Born to Run

Baby, you were born to move to Jersey.

Ever think of moving to New Jersey? No?! Well, what if you could live in the house where Bruce Springsteen wrote Born to Run? Grab your box of yard decorations, American Flag, and cross that bridge while you still can. This won’t be on the market for long.

The two-bedroom, 828-square-foot cottage in Long Branch, New Jersey was built in 1920 and is listed at $299,000, which is a totally reasonable price for a literal abode of musical history. It was in the living room of this house, which The Boss rented in 1974, where he sat at a piano and tinkled out “Born to Run,” “Thunder Road,” “Backstreets” and other songs that would end up on Born to Run. 

“They’re filled with that tension of trying to get to some other place,” Bruce has been quoted as saying regarding the material he came away with during his year’s stay in that house. 

Other houses in the area are listed for a bit less, running $170,000 to $275,000, but that’s a given. On one hand you have the option to buy some normal-ass house, and on the other you have the option to buy BRUCE’S house. That’s gonna come with a bit of a price increase, and one that some fans are more than willing to pay. 

“Yes, I mean, c’mon,” real estate broker George “Rives” Holder says when asked if the Springsteen factor helped raise the home’s value. “We’re talking about the intrinsic value of this house, of the value of Springsteen’s history [with the house]. That’s the buyer willing to pay for that.”

My personal hope is that some wise person with a savings account buys this and turns it into the Bruce Bed and Breakfast. 

h/t Fortune

Photos by Mel Evans / AP