Cable Guy!

Judd Apatow says see the new Blu-ray edition. Why?

Judd Apatow says see the new Blu-ray edition. Why?

It’s even freakier.

“When we made the movie [Apatow was a producer], I thought

of it as only a little scary. But it really did creep people out. I think it was the sense that Jim Carrey could kill somebody at any time. This disc has some freaky deleted scenes, like a sequence where Jim is on a horse and has no head.”

It’s plaid-tastic.

“We made this movie in 1995. [Director] Ben Stiller wanted to have a lot of grunge. The soundtrack has guys from Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam; Silverchair, Cracker, Filter. Then the movie came out in 1996, about six months after grunge died.”

It’s got a hot babe.

“On the extras we have my wife’s [Leslie Mann] audition, which is the first time she and I spoke. I’m off-camera speaking with this lisp, imitating Jim Carrey. That’s the moment I fell in love…and she didn’t.”

It’s got a hot babe, Part 2.

“Heather Locklear also came in to read. And I was such a big fan that I made a point of getting on-camera while reading the lines so I’d have video of me and Heather Locklear.”

It’s just insane.

“We’re all proud of this movie, but it is completely insane. It’s the kind of movie that

could only be made with someone like Jim Carrey, who’s so white-hot successful that he can do whatever he wants. The vision is pure and demented.”

Pick up The Cable Guy on Blu-ray on March 1.