Find Out How Much Jim Spent Pranking Dwight on The Office

One Redditor calculated how much money Jim paid to torment his office nemesis. 

Morse Code classes don’t come cheap.

That’s according to one resourceful Redditor who admitted he might “have no life.” This person cataloged every prank The Office’s Jim Halpert pulled on his frememy Dwight Schrute over the course of the series. Despite the Redditor’s acknowledgement that most of Jim’s pranks did not cost him a penny, the grand total still amounts to nearly $6,000 — which probably represents a good chunk of the Midwestern paper pusher’s salary. More than half of the sum came from his (presumably?) educated guess about one particularly high-ticket prank:

Jim’s most expensive prank was when he and Pam learned Morse code so that they could talk about Dwight, since they said they took night courses and hired a nanny. I estimated this cost to be $3120, based on how long I thought the course should be, and the average salary of a nanny in the US. However, since you can easily learn Morse code online for free, the premise was a bit flawed.

The “premise was a bit flawed” — you think? 

That said, it does look as though the Redditor may have dramatically underestimated that cost of replacing Dwight’s desk with one made entirely of Legos. Legos are super expensive!

For our convenience, the armchair accountant created an itemized list of all Jim’s 89 pranks. 

h/t BroBible