“Call Me Maybe” Gets a Grammy Nod for Song of the Year

And LMFAO gets snubbed. The apocalypse is now a certainty.

Frank Ocean, The Black Keys, and Jack White can now invite Carly Rae Jepsen to their Grammy Nominee Sleepover (we really hope that exists). “Call Me Maybe” is one of the five Song of the Year hopefuls. And though we think Ms. Jepsen is super cute, we’ve got to ask you Grammy people: Really? Really? Here are five snubbed artists we think were robbed. 

Photo: Frederic Dugit / Maxppp / Landov  | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

1. Jay-Z ft. Blue Ivy, “Glory”


You guys. It’s a rap song. By a baby. Not just any baby — the baby of the year. How many of you made a hit song during your first days of life? Instant Grammy, if you ask us.  

2. PSY, “Gangnam Style” 

Sure, it’s overdone, but come on. The dance! The disco ball bus! The fact that we don’t know what any of it means! Grammy material!

3. Skrillex, “Bangarang”

Yeah, okay, we just want to

see good ol’ Sonny accept an award NOT on the pre-show

4. LMFAO, “Sorry For Party-Rocking”



the ones who are sorry,


, because you were ROBBED! We’re also sorry that you’re on a break (

half a tear


5. Rihanna, “Birthday Cake”


Rihanna pissed off a ton of people this year, so why not give her a nod for the song that reminds everyone of that? “Birthday Cake” makes us want to clap really fast, eat cake, and

be angrily confused for a few minutes

. Give the girl a Grammy!

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