Calvin Johnson’s Fantastic Season Should Finally Put The “Madden Curse” To Bed

Just as Scooby Doo unmasked all sorts of counterfeit hauntings, Johnson revealed the “Madden Curse” as a fraud.

The Madden Curse does not exist. It doesn’t now. It never did. It never will. The question was as predictable as it was ridiculous. As soon as Calvin Johnson was announced as the cover-athlete for Madden NFL 2013, it had to be asked: Would Megatron fall victim to the “Madden Curse?”

*Cue spooky sounds*

Melina Vastola / USA TODAY Sports | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

No, just as ScoobyDoo and the gang unmasked all sorts of counterfeit curses, superstitions and hauntings, Johnson revealed the “Madden Curse” as a fraud. (Writer’s Note: I wholeheartedly recommend you take a few moments to think of the awesome ScoobyDoo/Transformers special this could inspire.) How soundly has Johnson trounced the very suggestion of a curse? Well, he’s leading the NFL in receiving yards with 1,428 through Week 13. That mark is almost 250 yards more than his nearest peer (Brandon Marshall). He’s the cornerstone of the top passing offense in the NFL, and he’s done so with less and less help around him.

Johnson is clearly the best receiver in the NFL this season and has separated himself from the names that were always listed next to him like Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Wes Welker. Instead, he’s being listed in the same breath as Jerry Rice as he stares down history and chases Rice’s single-season receiving mark of 1,848. Any attempt to try to pin the curse to Johnson this season is an exercise in revisionist history.

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