Watch Cam Girls Reveal What Their Lives Are Really Like in This Documentary Short

Find out what it takes to make $5000 in four hours.

Whether or not you've ever logged on to a cam girl site, you probably have a few ideas regarding who the webcam models are and why they do it. 

But this ten-minute documentary from Engadget gives an inside look into how these girls make thousands of dollars a day from the comfort of their homes by streaming video online. 

Cam Girls

Engadget credits Jennifer Ringley as the first modern cam girl. In 1996, the then-Pennsylvania college student started a website called JenniCam, in which viewers could watch her engage in her day-to-day activities, including sex and masturbation. 

Since then, the industry has progressed immensely. Adult film actress Ariana Marie has a house outfitted with cameras that give her audience a live stream from nearly every room, including the shower. 

Cam Girl

"There's a total of eight, maybe ten cameras throughout the whole house right now," she said. "And that's a feed that goes 24/7 for the fans to see a day in the life of Ariana Marie." 

While many assume that viewers tune in for sexual entertainment, many, like Aspen Rae, say it's more about making personal connections.

"I would say the majority of guys that I entertain, they're more looking to kick it." 

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Harli Lotts shared a similar perspective, and even says her fans are so close to her, that they'll actually pay her to not stream. 

"They've tipped us so we don't get online and can go have a good time. They really do care about us, and we really do care about them."

Of course, there are definitely those who will pay out big tips to see a model do any number of erotic gestures on-demand, whether it's flashing the camera or spanking themselves. 

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A professional cam girl can make up to $5000 per day, considerably more than porn stars make during a 12-hour shoot.  

Not bad for sitting in front of your computer for four hours.