Can This Fancy Riedel Soda Glass Actually Make Coke Taste Better?

Short answer: Maybe?

Austrian wine glass company Riedel has created a $20 vessel from which even the most discerning of Coke drinkers can truly appreciate everything that carbonated corn syrup has to offer.

According to Riedel Corporate, there are subtle nuances buried within Coca Cola’s burpy bouquet, and their special design brings it all to the surface. Per their website: “Developed by a tasting panel of industry experts and Coca-Cola lovers, it was determined that this form captures the distinct spices, aroma and taste of Coca-Cola and creates a magical sensorial experience.”

The soda sommeliers over atGizmodo decided to investigate the validity of this claim in the form of the time-honored beverage-quaffing tradition that is the blind taste test. The verdict? Apparently there might actually be something to this highfalutin glassware after all. Also? Now we know what Gizmodo’s office roof looks like.


Either way, Riedel has officially made Coke as expensive as, well, coke.