Can Katherine Heigl Make a Good Movie?

She’s going to try.

Katherine Heigl, star of small and big screens, has had a few misses. One for the Money wasn’t great. New Year’s Eve felt a little last year. Killers was DOA. The Ugly Truth wasn’t pretty. 27 Dresses seemed a few gowns short of a closet. The Big Wedding didn’t go off without a hitch. But, hey, Bride of Chucky was watchable and Knocked Up was excellent. Everyone has good work in them – it’s just about making smart choices. And it would seem that Heigl made another when she signed up for Home Sweet Hell, a comedy in which she plays against against type as an uptight housewife determined to kill her husband’s former mistress (Jordana Brewster). There are bikers involved and the funny-in-a-weird-way Patrick Wilson plays her beau. It looks like a murderous good time, which means that you can look your girlfriend in the eye and say, “Sure, I’d love to go with you to that Katherine Heigl movie.”

I mean, you could have done that before, but honesty is better for relationships.