Watch Captain America Lay Waste to His Enemies in This Kill Count Supercut

It’s an explosion of red, white, and blood.

All-American Steve Rogers has become the core of the constantly expanding Marvel Universe, and while we appreciate the heroics of the red white, and blue Avengers leader, it appears his work throughout four feature films may have been more destructive than first thought.

In a clever YouTube video cleverly edited using a pivotal scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we learn that Cap and his vibranium shield have managed to annihilate over 14,000 people, including civilians, HYDRA agents, and intergalactic robots. Sure, you should probably take this extremely high number with a grain of salt, but with world leaders increasingly concerned over the destructive power of superhumans in the run-up to Civil War, the high kill count shouldn’t come as a complete surprise

This makes us wonder: is Cap actually right to rebel against government oversight, or does Iron Man actually have a point about reining in the world’s mightiest heroes? We’ll find out when the two heroes go head-to-head in Captain America: Civil War on May 6th.