Cara Delevingne Might Actually Be the Villain in Suicide Squad

Forget the Joker, all eyes are now on Enchantress.

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Following the Suicide Squad trailer’s premiere at Comic-Con, an enormous amount of attention has been placed on Jared Leto and his portrayal of the Joker. How much of an impact will he make? Will he be locked in Arkham Asylum for most of the film or will he dominate as the movie’s central villain? It looks like the answer to that question might lie in the hands of model/actress Cara Delevingne. 

We already know that Cara will be playing Enchantress, a necromancer who can’t control her dark powers. She sounds like a serious force to be reckoned with and would be a great asset to the Suicide Squad…if she’s in it. According to some theories thrown around over at Heroic Hollywood, the reason why Enchantress hasn’t been hanging with the gang in promo images and videos is due to the fact that she’s the one the Squad is actually hunting. And this makes complete sense.

We’re not saying the Squad members are normal by any means, but anyone who is caught trolling caves and washing up in pentagram-filled bathrooms has some serious issues. If these rumors do happen to be true, Enchantress will be on the hunt to resurrect her brother and have him join her in destroying the world. You know, a typical day. 

Since this is some of the first real news we’ve heard about the actual storyline behind Suicide Squad, it’s a pretty big deal. Having Cara channel her dark side to take on the Suicide Squad is huge, especially since that would put her in the spot as one of the first female antagonists in a big comic-book movie. 

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We’re rooting for you, Cara.