Carbon Fiber Tiles Are Adult-Approved

You really don’t want to step on these.

It’s brutal when adulthood forces you to put away childish things. We’ll be damned if tricycles aren’t some good, stable fun, and hell if Moon Boots don’t immediately improve a man’s disposition, if not his chances to pass on those Moon Boot-loving genes. Thankfully, a recent successful Kickstarter means you can still hang on to Legos—well, some Legos. Namely, these 1X2 carbon fiber tiles machined from aerospace-grade carbon fiber. Exactly 3mm tall, these space-age tiles are as sturdy as they are beautiful, coming in a high-gloss black finish that allows the intersecting pattern of the carbon weave to shimmer through. Right now, they’re meant to be used with regular Legos as a cool customizing touch, but stay tuned for different sizes and shapes, as well as possible tiles made from aluminum and stainless steel. In the meantime, grab a pack and start regressing in exquisite style. Worst case scenario: You make yourself a kickass coaster. [$20 a pack;]

Photos by Mark Carpenter