How Carmen Electra Is Coping With Quarantine Life

“There are a lot of workout videos on YouTube. I’ll play a lot of music and dance all around my house.”

Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Tubi

No running on the beach for Carmen Electra during coronavirus quarantine. The former Baywatch beauty has followed expert advice and been staying home, lounging, hitting at-home workouts and binge-watching TV. One show in particular has captured her attention: Naked and Afraid.

Courtesy of Carmen Electra

“I love how raw it is,” she says. “You don’t really see any body parts but can you imagine being in some random jungle with no clothes on.”

Courtesy of Carmen Electra

Like most everyone else, Electra hasn’t been holding back in the eating department. “It actually feels really good to kind of let go,” she laughs. “I don’t have to have super long nails that are all glam. The hair is down and very natural. No makeup. I’m letting everything just cleanse.”

Don’t think she’s let herself go, though. She kept active working out around the house doing yoga, pushups and situps. “There are a lot of workout videos on YouTube,” she advises. “I’ll play a lot of music and improvise-dance and sweat. I’ll dance all around my house.”

You might even catch her DJ-ing or breaking a sweat on the drum kit. “I know it’s a really difficult time but laughter goes a long way, laughing at yourself, laughing with your friends. When this is all done, we’ll be dancing in the streets and hugging.”

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