Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford Talk ‘Star Wars’ Love Triangle in Lost Documentary

“Give me three weeks with her in hyperspace and I might make a few points.”


Carrie Fisher made sure everyone knew she’d had an affair with Harrison Ford during the filming of Star Wars. But in her memoirs she alluded to an attraction between her and on-screen brother Mark Hamill and said if they’d gone through with it, “it might’ve meant something.” 

A documentary recently churned up from the depths of Youtube at least hints at a certain kind of tension beneath the cheery surfaces of the iconic movie trio during the filming of the original trilogy.

The grainy doc looks straight off 35-year-old VHS tape, but it’s a fun watch for diehard fans, and for amateur psychologists with a particular interest in the minds of actors starring in massive film franchises. 

Mark Hamill, the innocent and noble Jedi, addresses his character’s chances with Leia—had she not ended up being his sister. He says, “Give me three weeks with her in hyperspace and I might make a few points.”

Carrie Fisher as Leia and Mark Hamill as Luke in 'Star Wars'

“I’m so burned about that,” Hamill says.

Fisher puts a fine point on how the love triangle works out on-screen: “It starts out as a love triangle and then I’m thrown together with Han Solo.” She says, and “it ends up being one of those relationships like Tracy and Hepburn where we scream at each other for the first half of the film and then we end up liking each other.”

Fair comparison. Ford, the older of the three and the most world-weary, describes Leia as a “princess” and Han an “opportunist.” Despite all that, they become a thing.

Ford addresses Luke’s—and Hamill’s?—sad situation in a subtly sarcastic way you can only imagine coming from, well, Harrison Ford. “Poor kid,” he says, “it’s quite shocking, he’s of course fond of the princess himself.”

Back in 2016, Mark Hamill actually addressed the whole “kiss your sister” thing.”

OK, that’s pretty normal. No romps with Leia in hyperspace after that scene, for sure.