The Case Of The Killer Popcorn

This man got rich off eating popcorn (and being killed by it).

The downside for Wayne Watson and his ten-year habit of eating two bags of microwavable popcorn a day? He developed “popcorn lung”. While that sounds delicious, it is actually a rare disease that causes severe respiratory problems. So that’s not really delicious at all. It is believed Watson developed it from inhaling too much diacetyl, the chemical that gives popcorn its yummy buttery taste. “Popcorn Lung” (to be clear, sounds delicious, but super not good) typically effects workers in popcorn factories, not popcorn eating maniacs who can’t stop shoving it in their faces.

The upshot? The Denver resident just won $7.2 million in damages from the popcorn maker and the store he bought all the demon bags of hot popped death. Perhaps he’ll use that money to develop a different snack food-related disease, like Ring Ding Dong or Dorito Dick. What? The could happen!

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