Dr. Phil’s ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Disses Kylie Jenner in Radio Interview

“Bitch I will whoop every Kardashian ass there is.”


In a case of worlds colliding, 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli (aka “Cash Me Outside” girl) just epically dissed Kylie Jenner in a recent radio interview.

Speaking on The Cruz Show, young Danielle, who shot to viral fame on the Dr. Phil Show, blasted her fellow reality star for being a lowly attention seeker. 

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“I don’t like her. Like the way that she does shit, like urgh… It seems like she wants attention so bad. Like little bitch would do anything.”

What’s more, the shade-throwing Internet star demonstrated a precocious aptitude for “body shaming,” making fun of Kylie’s lip injections and rumored plastic surgeries. 

“How do you go from fucking lips the size of a twig and a body that looks like a fucking paperclip and now you look like a hourglass?”

Danielle is feeling particularly bellicose these days, just having socked an airline passenger in the face. Cash video of the incident, below:

Kylie has yet to respond, or even cash her outside, but Danielle isn’t scared. TMZ recently caught Danielle at LAX, where paparazzi asked if she feared a Kylie clapback.


“Bitch I will whoop every Kardashian ass there is,” Danielle retorted. “Bitch, fuck her, fuck you, fuck your momma, fuck your whole clique.”

Well… how bout dah?


h/t The LAD Bible